Monday, September 20, 2010

Auto sales training Client Developement Part 1

Client Development can be the single most important difference between a sales person who makes $35,000/yr and a top pro that makes $75,000 to $100,000+. Do you want to double your income? Wait for it……. Talk to twice as many people! It’s no great revelation! If you talk to 10 clients for the week and sell 3, then if you want to sell 6 you have to talk to 20 clients’ right??(Nod head now) The numbers are always the numbers, and the numbers are always right.
You need to go outside your comfort zone a little to make this happen. 1st thing you will need to do is start to break some of the old programming you may have now. You can sell outside of your dealership! Another great revelation to you right? It isn’t but most people don’t do it. You could go out a mile in every direction from almost every dealership in the country and not find one person who knows the name of anyone in the dealership. Don’t believe me, go try it. And when they don’t they do now, don’t they? (Nod head again now)
Here are some of my favorite client development sources and why.
1-      Tow companies- This is one of my favorites. Get a couple of good Tow truck drivers in your corner you are guaranteed deals every month! Tow truck drivers come across people every day that are not happy about their current car situation. How many joyous people have you seen on the side of the road, in the heat, cold or rain? There are 2 types of car buyers, the ones who are thinking about getting a new car are the one that have to get a new car.
2-      Body shops-Also a great source of people who have to get a car! When they get the” Your car is totaled” call, the next thing that need to be said is your name! “I have a friend that works at ABC motors that might be able to help you replace your old car!” This is a no brainer!
3-      Insurance companies- They also have a direct line to people who have totaled their car. They are normally the 1st ones to know. If you can get an Independent agent to have your card next to theirs and vice versa, it means more business.
4-      Banks- Here you want to get to know the branch manager or the loan officer. Look, people go into their local bank all the time to get pre-approvals. When they come in to pick up the pre approved check or letter from their favorite bank, they need to get your card from them at the same time. How powerful would that be!
5-      Groups and organizations that you belong to- Understand that people buy from people buy from people that they like and trust! People like and trust people who are like themselves and that have the same interest. Every person in your groups need to be asked this,” Do you know anyone who may be interested in a new or used vehicle either now or in the near future” Look at this question, who does this take into account? Everyone you meet need to be asked this question.